One night went off in endless words,
Keeping wide awake two young birds,
Unknown feelings hugged them tight,
Open eyes welcomed the guiding light,
Past storms seemed like breezing by,
As both deemed those worthy of a try,
New prologue written for a new story,
Newer versions brought newer glory,
So hope sailed for an island farther,
Silver queen leading the path to harbour,
The branches failed to check the reach,
Little twinkles made it large in each.

One day of wandering among the old,
Drove some forgotten tales to unfold,
Standing tall with that glazing grace,
History chanted about the ancient ace,
Unknown chills ran fast down the spine,
Witnessing all colours of the then divine,
One of them was a believer by heart,
While the other played an atheist part,
Yet both remained humbled by one sight-
Where ‘god-particle’ was enamelled bright.
Celebrating a mark had never been jollier,
Dug up memoirs kept filling their collier.

One evening had brought them closer,
One dawn dreamed of a bird younger,
One dusk was about lending wings,
One morning built the house of strings,
One noon tweeted all the good times,
Some short and some so long rhymes,
Looking back at the river of moments,
Which rewinds back to playful events,
Feathered heart wants to pause and play,
See each other all chirpy and gay,
Hoping the stream will reflect the past,
Out there in the coming days to last.

Alas, this mirror does not give back,
What has been taken, as though black.

Image by Ulrike Leone