The greens, the blues and then the whites,
Are all there is through days and nights.

Once you look above and once below,
The white moves over the blue so slow.
You welcome the lush green lifesaver,
Where the mighty once slept forever.

Halfway through, the vista takes a turn,
Browns and blacks emerge as a slow burn.
You wonder and ponder over what unfolds,
Confusing you with the news and the olds.

Your mind tries to tell you a suspense story,
While your heart dreams of a fantasy glory.
Chaos follows order as if a grand illusion,
Flooding your thirsty kaleidoscopic vision.

Have you come to a conclusion as to why?
Or are you still in a dilemma just like the sky?

The Calling

As the rush of the grass strokes your hand,
And each dash of the wind adds a flavor new,
Do you feel like writing about that distant land,
Where the only king your body served were you?

As the whiff of the waves hits you in the face,
And the squeaks of the sand clutch on to your feet,
Do you feel like rewinding and playing those days,
When the only ring your heart knew was its own beat?

As the size of the peaks reveals the grand scheme,
And the mystery of the shadows speaks of a friend,
Do you feel like grooving to the ancient dream,
Which is the only string your mind follows at the end?

As you feel alive with all the senses firing the brain,
And the mind connected to the body at the core,
Do you feel like asking yourself again and again,
What is the only thing you’re here to search for?

Image by Pezibear


Once upon a time, there was a child, safe and secure in the mother’s womb. Having no OUTLOOK on the world out there, the child basked in its own little world.

Then the child was born. Surprised by the new world, the child APPROACHED everything with feelings of awe and admiration.

The child grew up and turned in its adolescence days. Suddenly the world was not a friend anymore. The child PERCEIVED the world as its enemy and was careless towards everything, living life to the fullest with its carefree ways.

Then came adulthood, and with that went the innocence. Equipped with the limited resources, the child was focused on its personal aspirations in the competitive world. There was no time to see the world from any other ANGLE.

Then it dawned on the child. There was an entire world out there, unsafe and insecure even in the nature’s womb. With the new POSITIONS of thoughts on the world out there, the child was raveled by its own realization, and along came the questions.

Maybe the child is ME. Maybe the child is YOU. But there is an entire world of generations out there, ravaged by greed, war, discrimination, poverty, exploitation and more. Maybe all it needs is a small shift in our VIEWPOINT towards it.

Let’s adjust OUR VIEWPOINT. Will YOU?

Video by TEDx NTU


One night went off in endless words,
Keeping wide awake two young birds,
Unknown feelings hugged them tight,
Open eyes welcomed the guiding light,
Past storms seemed like breezing by,
As both deemed those worthy of a try,
New prologue written for a new story,
Newer versions brought newer glory,
So hope sailed for an island farther,
Silver queen leading the path to harbour,
The branches failed to check the reach,
Little twinkles made it large in each.

One day of wandering among the old,
Drove some forgotten tales to unfold,
Standing tall with that glazing grace,
History chanted about the ancient ace,
Unknown chills ran fast down the spine,
Witnessing all colours of the then divine,
One of them was a believer by heart,
While the other played an atheist part,
Yet both remained humbled by one sight-
Where ‘god-particle’ was enamelled bright.
Celebrating a mark had never been jollier,
Dug up memoirs kept filling their collier.

One evening had brought them closer,
One dawn dreamed of a bird younger,
One dusk was about lending wings,
One morning built the house of strings,
One noon tweeted all the good times,
Some short and some so long rhymes,
Looking back at the river of moments,
Which rewinds back to playful events,
Feathered heart wants to pause and play,
See each other all chirpy and gay,
Hoping the stream will reflect the past,
Out there in the coming days to last.

Alas, this mirror does not give back,
What has been taken, as though black.

Image by Ulrike Leone

Coming Back to Life

If only I were what they say as careful,
If only it was my heart that would rule,
If only there would have been no brain,
If only you were the one I wanted to gain,
If only I could somehow change my way,
Would it be easier to accept, you say?

If only I would make less fun of you,
If only I could make my eyes cry too,
If only I were a bit more trustworthy,
If only there was no sense of jeopardy,
If only sometimes I could see through,
Would I be much more wanted for you?

If only some part of me could shout out,
If only I could know what this’ all about,
If only I were some little bit more caring,
If only I would follow the steps of sharing,
If only I could see what you want to see,
Would my life have come back to me?

Image by Gerd Altmann