Free fall.

The rain had stopped. The sky was clear and the world drenched. There were droplets accumulated at the tips of the leaves, about to drop off and be in their free form. Somehow they were still holding onto the green surfaces.

Somewhere near, someone was trying to vent out all the unuttered words gathered up over time. Somehow, the ink still adhered to the tip of the nib, unable to become the voice.

Into the wild.

Try leaning on a tree trunk in an island with the sea thrashing and throbbing in front of you along the shore. The boulders throw back the waves with a certain sound of silence that aches underneath the vast ocean of clouds. In your heart, you can realize the inevitable and untameable expression of life reaching out towards the horizon just as same as the tilted trunk. Do you want to feel what it is to be alive? Surrender yourself to the open arms of the wild. Go, feel for yourself.

I dream, therefore I am.

I read about a man who is colour blind by birth but has developed a mean to listen to colours. Isn’t that a nice way to experience the world?

Just think about it.

If we could smell colours. If we could see music. If we could touch love.

Somehow, it seems that humans have a pretty limited sense of imagination. Only if we could expand our consciousness and senses to perceive the world in a broader way. Maybe that would widen our understanding of how the human MIND works. The only question I keep on asking myself is if that would enlighten us on how the HEARTs talk to each other.

Apparent alteration.

I see us.

Gazing at our handsets. Listening to our headphones. Searching for the best deal among a thousand. Flying our drones high up the sky. Firing up our engines.

And then I remember us.

Gazing at the landscape. Listening to the birds and the leaves. Searching for the brightest star among a thousand. Flying the kites high up the sky. Firing up the water with stones.

It seems, in order to get more and more aware of the technology around us, we are becoming more and more unaware of the world around us.