Dreaming Real

Falling through the dark and distant dream, Failed grasps aimed for branches supreme, Thoughts crossed over as the reach recedes- Landing on the moon may need newer creeds, Waving above were the leaves passing by And twinkles smirked while blinking an eye. All this while the ground grinned below To greet another fall on itsContinue reading “Dreaming Real”

The Four-Letter Mystery

The age-old question remains open, Why they fall in love again and again? Hearts racing against each other? Smile accompanying a small gesture? An unknown feeling like the known? Or that chill within each bone? The drop of rain hitting your cheek, While the gloomy cloud becomes weak? Is it the river of guilt thatContinue reading “The Four-Letter Mystery”

Another Night

Stars gazing back at them, Lights of an ancient realm Beckons here a future tonight Bringing such a lovely sight. Dreams living side by side Though it ain’t a smooth ride, But vows don’t promise so, Roses wouldn’t let thorns go. Another night, here comes another night, Let’s hope another night will glow, Another night,Continue reading “Another Night”

Few Steps Away

Still remember the easier timesOf drawings, digits and rhymes,Those being the only hardshipNowhere else would you slip,Be it laughter or a stupid smileThere won’t be any inept style,Making people happy was easy,Silliness could make them breezy,Speak your own mind you couldAnd none would find you rude,Smart you were with your natureNot the dress or howContinue reading “Few Steps Away”