Few Steps Away

Still remember the easier times
Of drawings, digits and rhymes,
Those being the only hardship
Nowhere else would you slip,
Be it laughter or a stupid smile
There won’t be any inept style,
Making people happy was easy,
Silliness could make them breezy,
Speak your own mind you could
And none would find you rude,
Smart you were with your nature
Not the dress or how you picture,
Dreams flew as high as a kite,
The wrong never seemed right,
Demand was short and simple,
The toy store could carve a dimple,
No need of hiding while you cry,
‘Sorry’ would be enough for a try,
Strangers never mattered anyway,
‘Behave yourself’, no heed to pay,
Simpler was time and simpler we
And be anything we wanted to be.

Easier the rhymes have become
Easier to draw or solve a sum,
Why is then the dimple so far?
Each demand brings a new war,
Your dress sure speaks for you
But the smile in eyes is due,
Always afraid of being wrong
That you may sing a new song,
LOL say your fingers although
The face disagrees you know,
As you look before you leap
Can notice that others peep,
Tears are something to fight,
Hide your feelings you might,
Harder to put a curve on a face,
Stupid jokes can’t find a trace,
So much for what we want not,
It isn’t enough what we got,
Still remember the easier days
And thus the mind silently says,
Somewhere in between the kites
Our dreams took new heights.

Image by Rakicevic Nenad

A Free Life

Once upon a time around
There was a man astound,
Searching for a belief
Or a comfort for relief,
Clouds hovering over his mind
As the world seemed so blind,
To rest all hope on one
Which had already won,
Their hearts, minds and souls too
Cause when none knew what to do,
When even trust was a fraud
There it was, almighty God.

But was it there or was it not?
Clouds darkened any path he got,
As people fell out
No matter how stout,
No honest had a clear way
And the selfless got no pay,
The old were invisible
Weaklings infeasible,
Death hissed over poor and needy
Smirks and grins across the greedy,
His hopes dimmed a tad
So shaken was the lad.

‘Worshiping another fraud, are we?’
No other answer could he see,
‘The balance is lost
God isn’t worth the cost’,
Hence he thought and let go off
The search, whatever it was of,
But then he heard a call
A hungry man, not so tall,
And then, there, that very exact time
As he handed the poor little a dime,
‘God, how kind of you my dear.’
The clouds were nowhere near.

And a smile broke free
Breezing past a nearby tree.

Image by Andres Nassar


I stood there as silence gripped her,
Wind bringing in periodic rupture.
Looking down was the dome above,
In the green light basked many a dove.
A touch of brown here and there,
Flaunted the beauty not so rare.
I had never seen in such a way,
The daily unusual until that day.
Sound of dripping water, was it?
Or the falling flowers taking a hit?
Flew away some leaves worn out,
And new ones would grow, no doubt.
The smell familiar and the radiant glow,
I wished time would be a bit slow.
As if she was looking me over,
Shutting out the clouds that hover.
Although sensing all that I dreaded,
The canvas of mind all so faded.
Her hands reached out asking me,
‘Trust the branches that set many free.’
Silence accompanied as I held on,
Suddenly ‘Oh’, the grip was gone.

I woke up fearing I would die,
‘I’ve got you, son,’ she didn’t lie.

Image by Rene Rauschenberger

Own World

The heart began pounding
As he was up from his seat,
Like a ball it kept bouncing
But he sure skipped a beat.

Cause with all eyes looking
At the misery that was him,
He could see them laughing
Even with the light little dim.

The others were so stunning
With the looks and the ways,
On stage he felt like running
Off to where no worry stays.

Cause with all eyes looking
At the misery that was him,
He could see them laughing
Even with the light little dim.

The contest had a meaning,
Not for his pride or a fame,
It would come with winning
Which wasn’t an easy game.

Cause with all eyes looking
At the misery that was him,
He could see them laughing
Even with the light little dim.

In his ears though ringing
Were cries of all past pain,
But as he began singing,
Knew what he would gain.

Cause with all eyes looking
At the bravery that was him,
He could see them smiling,
Even with the light little dim.

Image by Stock Snap