Out There

Careless whisper of the drizzling drops, Enormous greens bustling with crops, Wild stares of the winged with a twist, Magic in the ways and rules of the mist, Out there, all belong to the creator. Old leaves in the wind of old cheers, The chaotic order of smiles and tears, Shadows of feelings and theirContinue reading “Out There”


One night went off in endless words, Keeping wide awake two young birds, Unknown feelings hugged them tight, Open eyes welcomed the guiding light, Past storms seemed like breezing by, As both deemed those worthy of a try, New prologue written for a new story, Newer versions brought newer glory, So hope sailed for anContinue reading “Memories”

To all the con men.

Sometimes I wonder if Nature is like the partner we all search in all kinds of relationship in our lives. Nature has no expectation of us. Nature doesn’t claim rights on us. Nature creates a scope of the betterment of our kind. Nature always strives towards supplying valuable resources for our survival. Maybe we canContinue reading “To all the con men.”