The Last Chapter

Do you remember the faces?
As the stream of tears races
On your heart leaving a stain
And you keep up with the pain
But fail to move along the flow,
Since the eyes cease to glow.

Do you remember how it felt?
Transcending over time you dealt
With all the faces who greeted,
Daily shower of wishes cheated
On your blindfold that mystified
The sense of belief oh so tied.

Do you remember the sounds?
The division bell calling rounds
For you to pass a verdict definite
On the faces masked over deceit
With colours of trust smeared on
That now clouds the future dawn.

Do you remember all the mistakes?
Not realizing how much it takes
To put efforts to make things right,
As others kept on with the fight
You watched but never learned
Alas, against your own you turned.

Do you remember that time?
Now it all make sense and rhyme
Along the words you danced to,
Surpassing all faith your soul too
Will lose, translating what has pearled
That was when you ruled the world.

Image by Arek Socha

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