A Free Life

Once upon a time around
There was a man astound,
Searching for a belief
Or a comfort for relief,
Clouds hovering over his mind
As the world seemed so blind,
To rest all hope on one
Which had already won,
Their hearts, minds and souls too
Cause when none knew what to do,
When even trust was a fraud
There it was, almighty God.

But was it there or was it not?
Clouds darkened any path he got,
As people fell out
No matter how stout,
No honest had a clear way
And the selfless got no pay,
The old were invisible
Weaklings infeasible,
Death hissed over poor and needy
Smirks and grins across the greedy,
His hopes dimmed a tad
So shaken was the lad.

‘Worshiping another fraud, are we?’
No other answer could he see,
‘The balance is lost
God isn’t worth the cost’,
Hence he thought and let go off
The search, whatever it was of,
But then he heard a call
A hungry man, not so tall,
And then, there, that very exact time
As he handed the poor little a dime,
‘God, how kind of you my dear.’
The clouds were nowhere near.

And a smile broke free
Breezing past a nearby tree.

Image by Andres Nassar

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